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The Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths gives the online & offline training services which will equip your life, enabling you to create new knowledge for your beneficial, global economy, the community and society as a whole. We provide our services for education, skills for life contiguous with various skilled courses for learners of all age group. We are considered as a reliable online & offline training service provider who provides you its best services for online & offline educational training like competition exams, abacus & vedic maths, teachers educational training, online as well as offline various course training, training for various competition exams like engineering entrance, medical, IAS, CBSE and many more. We are also caters the requirements of various teachers, students, unemployeds, house wives, schools, institutions, tutorials by providing them the online course as well as trainings and issue franchises anywhere in the world. We can also teaches the abacus and vedic maths teaching to the children which is an excellent substitute for learning the multiplications tables.