Abacus Introduction

Abacus Introduction Detail

We make continuous efforts and contributing to the cause of developing the mental ability of children of different age group. We can provide you abacus training for brain development. We are one of the reputed abacus training centres in India with having maximum students appreciation and best results. Abacus is also known as a counting frame which is extensively used for calculating tool used primarily for performing arithmetic procedures. Through abacus training, you can find the most easiest way to solve the arithmetic equations. Abacus is the basic tool that helps you to solve the biggest complications of mathematics.

Benefits of the Abacus

Our main focus of abacus training is to teach children simple mathematics and remove their fear of mathematical equations. It make you ease of calculating even biggest addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The abacus is the best way to memorize tables in which children find themselves daunting. The abacus is the perfect tool for teaching the primary or high school students. All children have a potential and capability, we just need to nurture their mind and make use the full potential of their mind.

Course Structure

Learners' levels Suitable for:-

Kids/Junior Abacus - Age 4 ~ 6

Senior Abacus - Age 7 ~ 13

School based Abacus – Age 4 ~ 6 and Age 7 ~ 13

There are eight (8) levels each of three months duration-

  • The basic functions of abacus, addition and subtraction.
  • The second level introduces to visual skill enhancing exercises.
  • Multiplication in the third level.
  • Division in the fourth level.
  • Decimals and digits variation in the fifth level.
  • Fractions and percentage operations in the sixth, seven and eight levels.

We emphasize on regular practice, to keep our students in touch and conduct competitions after every six months and award prizes.

Certifying Authorities:
Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths (IIT Foundation), (A wing of the Enlighten Foundation, Warangal A.P, India)

  • Teacher/learner ratio 1:20
  • Course session 2 hours per week (to be allocated flexibly)
  • Each level 3 months
  • Medium of instruction Telugu, English and all regional languages.