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Welcome to Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths, a renowned service provider of online educational training programs and comprehensive study material. We have designed a program which will definitely help you to improve your marks and intelligence. There are several things in our services which will help you to reduce mathematical problems by teaching you the easiest method of solving even complicated equations. Abacus & Vedic math is the easiest way which can make you an expert of mathematics then you will be capable of solving the biggest fraction sums. We can provide our services of online educational training programs and comprehensive study material for all kind of competition exams which will help you to pass any high competitive examination. The institutional ISO 9001:2008 certification maintains the reputation & reliability of ourselves.

We can provide our services of Abacus & Vedic Maths training to teachers, students, unemployeds, house wives, schools, institutions, tutorials and issue franchises anywhere in the world.

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  • Does your child fear of maths….?
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  • Will you say the Cube root of 3463512697 within 5-10 seconds…?
  • Will you say (36)6 within 10-15 seconds…?
  • Will you say 10,000 Year Calendar from memory within 3 seconds…?

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